Tuesday, 2 July 2013


What is The Power Behind AIM Global’s Phenomenal Success?

AIM Global’s Secret is your Key to Success

What is the hidden power behind Aim Global Undeniable Success as a pro- distributor Co globally
and all successful venture for that matter? The Power of Belief. Our AIM Global Leaders have the power of belief working for them – belief in themselves, belief in their vision and dreams for themselves and others, belief in their partners, belief in their members, belief in people and most of all belief in God; simple, but strong, powerful belief. And this belief is transmitted to each member across the nation and the world.
Whether you are building a home business, growing your MLM Network, developing your online market, losing weight and developing your dream figure or working out your financial recovery and freedom, there’s one hidden factor that determines where and how far you’ll go or whether you’ll move forward at all. It is The Power of Belief. I don’t mean religious belief alone . . . but much more than that. It is your belief about anything; and in particular it is your belief about yourself, what you are doing and what you can do and accomplish.
More than anything else belief determines your level of success and progress towards the kind of life you dream about.
Why is belief powerful? Because it is a force that directly controls our being, doing and having 24 hours a day 7 days a week, every moment of our life. It is first of all a cause and a cause has always an effect. Your life is a product of your belief.
Anthony Robbins, in Notes from a Friend – A Quick and Simple Guide to Taking Charge of Your Life, described it more sharply: “When you believe something, you give your brain an unquestioned command to respond in a certain way.”
Belief is the one force that can immobilize you or empower you to act confidently.
That is why you need to be careful about what you believe. What you truly believe will manifest to you at times immediately, other times eventually.
That is why you need to carefully and deeply examine what you believe especially about yourself, what you believe you are capable of and what you believe you can accomplish. Even before you have started on anything, your belief has already determined the outcome. That is how powerful belief is.
Choose only the beliefs that will empower you and move you to achieve the good you have set your mind and heart to achieve.
“Faith is to believe what you do not yet see; the reward for this faith is to see what you believe.” St. Augustine
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