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Multi Level Marketing or Network Marketing, the BIG question people wonder is, Does it Work?

There have been so many MLM companies over the last few decades, and indeed there are hundreds going up and running currently, that many people have been exposed one way or another. Therein lies the problem for the negative feelings towards MLM in general.

There have been many, many of the MLM companies that truly are nothing more than scams. They are in it to take people’s money. Or another problem with MLM are the distributors themselves. They are excited about the new business they have started, because they know they have the BEST product or offering anyone has seen. In that undeveloped, uncoached excitement they head out to almost harass family and friends to join with them in their new business.

I believe for the majority of people, even if the company and the product are valid and real, they spend a lot of money and have nothing to show for it after a couple of years. By then, not only have they lost money, but they have been the catalyst for their family and friends losing money also. Next time around when they find the NEXT BEST thing to come along, family and friends run the other way. They lock their doors and windows, and don’t answer their phones.

So you come along, a stranger or even another friend who has found the NEXT BEST thing anyone has ever seen that can make millions. What kind of reaction do you believe you are going to run into in that situation? Multiple recruitment? At best you will find polite refusals, and at worse you may get your head handed to you on a platter.

So why on this earth do we start or continue to start MLM businesses? Why would we want to put ourselves through the headaches and heartaches of beginning and running an MLM business? The entrepreneur in us drives us to see the possibility of the business. We see the money we can make and even help others to make, if they will just listen to us. So what is the Real Story on starting an MLM business? What can someone expect from starting an MLM business, really?

I have done research in several MLM companies, For myself and others, I will tell you what I have gotten. Understand however, I am currently in an MLM business and I do believe the MLM model has a lot to offer someone willing to work hard and not give up on their dream. Here is what I have come to know and understand.

First, the MLM truth is there will be a very few who make the really big bucks. Look at any company and see just how many are at the top. There are likely to be less than a handful at the very top of any model. But, before running away saying it’s all a scam understand the reason why there are only a handful. Because once you fully understand the model and how YOU will make money, you can then understand why there are only a few at the very top.

I am not aware of any different basic model, though there may be some out there in the world of MLM. Basically, once you join you need to recruit people say 10. Your goal is to help those 10 do the same, and now you would have 100 people under you. You help them get 10 and so on. You are going to get a percentage of some sort along the way. You may or may not have product to sell, or perhaps you can get them discounts on something. Whatever the case may be, in general your biggest amount of money comes from recruiting many and earning from the sales of the many you have recruited. So logically speaking, if you were one of the latter people in an organization a legitimate mlm plan will let you have thousands in your organization and be making the most money, regardless of the time you joined.

We do it then to reach the various levels and even the top-level, but regardless whether we are among the first to start a company, it is very likely that we will be one of the top earner. Perhaps we could aspire to be the top earner in a year or more if there is an individual matrix used. MLM can offer an awfully good income, once you move up in the ranks. That is why we do it, we see the possibility.

Second, the hard truth is, this is a selling business and to become huge and make an awesome income, you must learn to sell. I know we are told differently, but it is only to motivate. Even if you found a product that will sell itself, you must also sell you to the person you are approaching. Being a product of the product certainly will help you in your quest to build your business. Bottom line, you must get out and make your mistakes, fumble on your wording, and try different approaches to find your golden apple. You must find what works for you and hope you can teach it so it can be duplicated by your organization.

There are so many companies out there to choose from and many have wonderful products. Getting in at the beginning, the ground floor is something we all wish for, after the company is up and running and showing success. Being among the first in a company is scary. Often you may not know if it is a scam, if the products will ultimately be something you can sell or that your customers will want. It is easier to promote the product or service if you use and like it yourself. Then the natural excitement you have when telling people about something comes out as sincere.

Last, there are no two ways about it, MLM is not an easy business. In many ways it is a hard business, dependent upon the personality and attitude of YOU. Anyone can be a success in an MLM business if you put in the time and efforts. It can be a hard business if you sabotage yourself by believing you won’t/can’t make it work to begin with. A home based business is something everyone should try to engage in either full-time or part-time.

You will see and may even be one of those people who get into a business and takes off from the beginning. You may also be one of the majority who spurt at the beginning. Perhaps it will take you months or even a year or two, to get going. MLM is NOT a get rich quick business, and if anyone tells you, you can make a fortune in months you had better run for the hills quickly. Could you? Yes you could, and I have seen it done once or twice. Generally speaking however, you and most of the people you become involved with will have to build their business bit by bit.

Be honest with yourself and others. It is a good thing to be enthusiastic and upbeat and positive. That is a good way to promote your business. But, I would rather work with someone who is honest and positive, than positive to the point of not being totally truthful. Wouldn’t you? Being honest with yourself entails not blaming the business, when actually you haven’t put in the effort. People will want to work with you more if you are up front with them. I know that if my business isn’t growing, it is because I haven’t put in the time or effort.

The Real Story is, each and everyone can make a great income in MLM. Find the right product, find the right people, put in a high level of effort, and give it time to mature for you. It’s ok to be blessed in building your business, we would all love to find that blessing. Know your product or service and be a product of it, you have a great chance to succeed!!!!!

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