Wednesday, 19 June 2013


AIM Global, Inc. 7 Years Debt Free Local & International Market
2 Local Branches - Cebu & Davao City International BCO -- Brunei & Singapore Over 100 Local B.C.O. (Business Center Offices) Nationwide
S.E.C. (Securities & Exchange Commission) Registered
B.I.R. Citation- "Top 2000 Tax Contributor for 2008"
Member of MLMIA (Multi Level Marketing International Ass.)
Multiple Achievement Awards from various entities
The World's First Pro-distributor Company Created over 700 Millionaires in less than 7 years
FOUNDED ALSO- Alive Foundation.

You Join AIM Global, Inc. by ***INVITATION ONLY!***
Registration is a one time payment of: P7,980.00 (1 Global Package)
Recommended 3 or 7 global packages or heads at once to maximize your earnings

When you are registered you get the following:
* Lifetime membership
* P6,000 worth on products (5 packs C24/7 values P1200 each)
* Folder for presentation * Video Presentation CD
* Insurance Certificate * Scholarship Certificate
* ATM application form (BDO)
* ID application form
* Php 200,000 - Accident Insurance
* Php 50,000 - Unprovoked Murder and Assault
* Php 10,000 - Medical Reimbursement * Php 10,000 - Burial Assistance
* 25% discount on all products lifetime
* Free medical check up
* Good Quality Products (most products are manufactured by Nature's Way in the USA)
How do you earn money with this company?
There are 6 ways...
1- Retailing (25% discounts)
2- Direct Sponsoring (P500/1GP)
3- Match Sales Bonus (P1500/paired; L-R)
4- Uni-level Bonus (5 % up-to 10%)
5- Stair Step Bonus ( 10%, 20%, 30 %: SE, GE, & GA)
6- Royalty Income ( If qualified ) 
- Profit Sharing ( If qualified )
- Travel incentives ( If qualified )

WANT TO JOIN AIM GLOBAL? If you are interested in joining 
Please use the contacts information below, and contact Mr. LAWRENCE BAGAMBE  to help you to register with AIM Global, Inc.
CALL +97477576377

We look forward to work with this company as partners to promote wellness, health, beauty, and to hope for a brighter financial Freedom in the Future.

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